Jignesh Shah, considered as the torchbearer of technological innovation contributed to the evolution of Indian financial markets. This tech genius invented products and services that catered to every aspect of exchange operations, giving 360 degree solutions to bourses across the globe.

Exchange Technology, a division of 63 moons technologies limited, has developed a range of share market software that simplifies the trading and settlement of Multi-Asset and Multi-Currency products, to enable any exchange to seamlessly operate in local or cross-border markets.

63 moons is among the few global vendors offering technology IP (Intellectual Property) with domain expertise and strong techno functional teams to create next generation financial markets that are transparent, efficient and liquid to address the growing business challenges.

Our end-to-end seamless exchange system known as Exchange Technology Framework Product Suite (ETFPS) is a highly versatile, scalable and robust system that covers all aspects of exchange operations right from the trading to settlement. ETFPS is driven by strategic and operational needs to deal with cost & margin pressures, ever changing business environment and regulatory compliance among others.

Leveraging the rapid deployment capabilities of our risk management solutions, Exchange Technology has been successful in setting up world class exchanges and making them operational in record time. The ETFPS solution allows flexibility of modular deployment and customised add-ons to ensure the best fit to meet the customer’s needs in the fastest possible time. The ETFPS solution comes with two variants viz. Enterprise and Compact.

Competitive Edge



Modular architecture of solution facilitates business-driven deployment that results in true value of the Total Cost of Ownership

Efficient System

High performance, low latency system that is scalable in accordance with the business needs

Easy to Upgrade

Flexible design that facilitates rapid integration and seamless deployment of new functionalities

Proven Expertise

Accolades from exchanges powered by our solution echo the expertise beyond any doubt


Exchange Technology Solutions Product Suite



Leading ‘Exchange Trading Platform of choice’ fornext generation financial markets


A highly scalable, robust and customisable web-based trading solution


Ideal electronic trading, risk management and clearing & settlement platform for energy markets


A real-time solution that provides advanced analytics and quantification of entity obligations


An agile system which enables surveillance of trading activities for exchanges/regulators and business

Clearing Houses


Robust, multi-faceted post trade solution, based on component-based layered architecture


A pro-active Risk Management system empowering real-time quantification of Value at Risk



Integrates technology and security to maintain and transact different types of assets in electronic form