FOVEAAn agile risk management solution which enables surveillance of trading activities for exchanges/ regulators and business monitoring of market makers. Reflecting the efficiency of the system, this exchange technology solution has been named "FOVEA" (derived from an anatomical organ), which means a small region in the retina of an eye where visual acuity is the highest.


Multi Exchange support across Multi Market Segment and Asset classes

Risk management tools include profiling of alert rules, products and members

Proactive warning and alerts mechanism with high degree of reasoning algorithms

Rapid development and seamless deployment for any fresh alerts in the system

Intelligence alerts shifting based on score points

Bespoke Alerts – facility to define tailor-made, customised alerts

Visual Analytics – Graphical representation through market mines and Heat maps

Market Replay for Historical data

Integration with Data Warehouse for drill out reports


Fovea Aarchitectural Diagram